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So helpful!

I love the interfaces. The only other solution key for my calculus textbook is in class, so this app is fantastic!


It is so useful, i really like it.


THIS APP SAVED MY LIFE-that is not an understatement. I dont care about all these complaints about to much adds because this APP IS SO WORTH IT

App no site yes

Slader has a great site that is very organized however the app has a lot of scrolling which is time consuming

The Most Valuable App I Have!

If your teacher assigns text book homework, this app is a must have! It turns 3 hour long homework sessions into 30 minutes! Adds are hardly a problem, when this app basically saves your life. If you dont like adds, theres a browser version, so its not a problem! 11/10 would recommend.

This update made me unable to open answers

The screen would freeze whenever I try to open a answer number. Please fix this as soon as possible.


This does nothing but undermine our education system. Designed to profit off of high school students, while simultaneously degrading textbooks that thousands upon thousands of schools rely on. The creators of this app should be ashamed.

Super helpful

Ive used this for a while and just barely discovered the app and it is amazing, best app ever honestly, its saved my life countless times. I strongly recommend it.


Really really helpful app, but if youre trying to relax and listen to music while on the app doing youre homework you cant. There is constant ads that load at the bottom of each problem, and it pauses your music while the ad plays, even if there is no sound along with the ad. Its super annoying because you have to keep going to your music app to click play OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Its a really good app, but fix that Slader, thanks (-; Get on top your stuff Im just trying to listen to my music while Im on the app. Get rid of the annoying ads? Also, after every 5 or so problems, a page pops up that says "we need to pay the bills yall" and the option to upgrade or continue to ad. Very frustrating. Im already frustrated with homework and when I need help with it, I dont want to be even more frustrated and stressed.. /:


How does it work. You have so many answers. Did You make an ai to find the correct answers, did you use a google API. This is really impressive!

Helpful, but doesnt work

Its super great but it doesnt give all of the answers. It only shows what fits in the box and it wont let you see the rest. Fix please! Biggest problem!!!!

Could Be Better

Pauses music and crashes fairly frequently.

Saved my grade

This app is a must have. Saved my grade and helped me understand calculus more. 10/10 best app in the worls

Great app

It help me find out what Im doing Wong on the problem

Great when it works right

It is a great app but it has a lot of bugs and stops working a lot

Used to work

Its suddenly started crashing when I leave and come back and it makes me go back and forth and im beginning to screen shot the pages so I dont have to rely on the app.

Love this app

It has all the Spanish answers I need to check my work on, and more!

So helpful!

I just got the app and it helped me so much on my homework from the night before that made no sense. I understand it now from the step by step solutions instead of trying to check my answers in the back of the book. This app has become my best friend when it comes to hard homework problems. Never again will I have to worry about my homework being incorrect!



Ads are very inconvenient

The ads pop up middle of checking a questions and its a pain but other wise great ap but I would just go online and use the online version

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